Dual Channel Line Camera
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Multiple detector technology in one Camera

This camera uses a unique system to realise a dual detector camera. Spacing between the two detectors is continuously variable between 0 and 15 mm. This makes setting up optical systems much simpler. A wide range of detector types can be fitted to the camera. This includes low cost CCD, Cooled CCD, Cooled InGaAs or photodiode arrays.


Applications include dual channel spectroscopy and optical metrology. Connection to a PC using standard interfaces, USB, RS232 or parallel port.

Schematic of Dual beam Optical path

Camera Features

This camera may be supplied with a wide choice of detector options.This includes:

  • low cost CCD,

  • Photodiode arrays,

  • Back illuminated CCDs,

  • InGaAs detectors for NIR detection to 1.7Ám

  • Any combination of the above.

Example: Using a 256 pixel photodiode array and a 256 pixel InGaAs detector a camera with a spectral response from 190nm to 1700nm is possible. This makes it unnecessary to change cameras on a spectrometer.

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