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All camera and spectrometer products from Spectronic Devices Ltd. use the same interface throughout. This enables users of one product to quickly migrate to another with minor, if any, changes to their software. This safeguards investment in software development. All Spectroscopy and camera products include analog to digital (A/D) converter data storage and parallel interface, (EPP capable), to the computer.

This makes the purchase of additional electronics to digitalize the video data totally unnecessary. The cost of purchasing a product from Spectronic Devices is the end price.

Our products can be connected to ANY COMPUTER that has a parallel interface. This makes them ideally suitable for incorporation into proprietary equipment as the connection to an embedded controller is very simple. The interface function is very similar to a memory component, and just as easy to connect to.

Companies can continue to use their favorite microprocessor when using Spectronic Devices' products.