• As flat-field spectrograph for multichannel detection.
  • As Monochromator, also for illumination purposes
  • Small and compact
  • Very low stray light
  • Exceptional price performance
The SL 380.x is available in the above described 3 different configurations. So it offers for every experimental application one solution, even the focal length and the resulting resolution is the right one.

The SL 380.x is a flat field spectrograph/monochromator designed for decomposition of UV-Visible light in the 200 to 1200 nm spectral region and registration with a CCD-, ICCD-, or other photoelectronic detector.

The SL 380.x is implemented according to a vertical-symmetrical optic configuration with spherical mirrors to be used as a collimator/camera objective.

The SL 380.x has very low stray-light and no re - entrant spectra

2m quartz fibreoptics with slit adaptor is optionally available


Focal length, mm 380
Aperture 1:5
Diffraction gratings, G/mm 100 up to 2400
Reciprocal linear dispersion, in nm/mm * 2.1
Resolution, in nm
(specified with 1200 gr/mm grating)
Entrance slit:
Slit width, in mm 0 to 0.4
Reading accuracy, in mm 0.001
Slit height, in mm 0 to 14
Overall dimensions, mm 484x198x185
min. Weight , in kg 11
available Types gratings and scanning
S380.1 1 manual
S380.3 3 manual
S380.4 4 computerized