NP 250-2 Two-Cannel Spectrograph
h-rainbow.gif (2241 bytes)

np250-2.jpg (16522 bytes)The NP 250-2 uses a modified Hill optic schematic with two pairs of off-axis parabolic mirrors to form two independent channels. The Spectrograph is completely automated and PC-controlled.


  • Internal controller connection to any computer via RS 232 or IEEE-488
  • Total computer control of all functions
  • Continuously automatically or manually variable slits
  • Diode arrays attachable
  • Aspheric collimating and focusing mirrors
  • Simultaneous detection of two independent spectra using a single CCD-type detector
  • Specifications

    Focal Length (mm) 250
    Aperture Ratio Input f/3.7
    Exit f/5.5
    Wavelength Range (nm) 200 to 1100
    Focal Plane (nm) Primary 17.5x8
    Usable 25.0x8
    Grating (G/mm)* 1200 300
    Dispersion (average) (nm/mm) 2.85 13.3
    Spectral width of interval to be detected for
    17,5 mm focal plane (nm)
    50 230
    Grating adjustment step, min (nm) 0.01 0.04
    Entrance/Exit slit Motor(micrometer) driven slit assembly
    Width (mm) 0 to 2.0
    Reading accuracy
    Height (mm) 1,2,3,4
    * Other gratings available