NP 120-2 Two-Channel Spectrograph
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The NP 120-2 uses a modified Hill schematic with two pairs of off-axis parabolic mirrors that form two independent optic channels. Besides selection of two spectrum intervals by grating rotation, the Spectrograph allows quick change-over of gratings in each channel.


  • Diode arrays attachable
  • Contiuously variable slit
  • Small, compact and desingned to be easily mounted
  • Aspheric collimating and focusing mirrors
  • Easy grating interchange
  • Calibrated micrometer wavelength drives
  • Simultaneous detection of two independent spectra by single CCD-type detector
  • Specifications

    Focal Length (mm) 125
    Aperture Ratio (input): parallel to the slit f/2.6
    normal to the slit f/6.9
    Aperture Ratio (exit) f/5.5
    Wavelength Range (nm) 190 to 1200
    Resolution (nm)* 0.3
    Wavelength Accuracy (nm)* <2
    Grating (G/mm) 1200 300
    Blaze Wavelength (nm) 400 500
    Dispersion (nm/mm)** 6.37 25.59
    Focal plane (nm) 17,5x8
    Width (mm) 0 to 0.4
    Slit Scale division (mm) 0.001
    Height (mm) 1,2,3,4
    Micrometer screw Linear travel (mm) 24
    Scale division (mm) 0.01
    * With 1200 G/mm Grating