The Spectrometer is equipped with a concave grating whose grooves density varies according to a special law.


  • Single-module construction
  • High optical throughput (2.8)
  • Small, compact and designed to be easily mounted
  • Calibrated micrometer wavelength drive
  • Photomultiplier
  • Ease of operation
  • 2m-quartz optical fiber
  • Continuously variable slit
  • High sensitivity of a multiplier-based detection system

  • Specifications

    Focal Length (mm) 160
    Aperture Ratio f/2.8
    Wavelength Range (nm) 200 to 800
    Dispersion (average) (nm/mm) 4.6
    Entrance* and exit slits
    Slit width, mm 0 to 4
    Reading accuracy, mm 0.01
    Slit height, mm 7
    Spectral Resolution
    with 0.2 mm-wide entrance slit, nm 1.5
    Micrometer screw to adjust wavelength
    Reading accuracy, mm 0.1
    Wavelength setting accuracy, nm +/-0.5
    *Entrance slit can be replaced by a 0.2x2mm-slit on the sleeve of quartz optical fiber (Data applicable to 1200 G/mm grating)