• As a spectrograph for two- dimensional multichannel with exceptional imaging properties
  • As a Monochromator for high resolution applications
  • Small and compact
  • High aperture ratio
  • Exceptional low stray light
  • Exceptional price performance


Focal length, mm 2x500 effective 1m
Aperture 1:5,9
Diffraction gratings, G/mm 100 up to 2400
Reciprocal linear dispersion, in nm/mm * 0.39
Resolution, in nm * 0.01
stray light rejection better 10exp-6
Entrance slit:
Slit width, in mm 0 to 2
Reading accuracy, in mm 0.001
Slit height, in mm 2 to 18
Overall dimensions, mm 600x350x300
Weight (kg) 30

Available Types

MDD 1000-2 with two exit slits
MDD 1000-1 with one exit slit
all types are delivered with three pairs of interchangeable gratings

* Specified with grating with 2400 gr/mm