M270 Monochromator
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  • Monochromator for UV-VIS-IR spectral regions.
  • 250mm focal length
  • F/4,4 aperture ratio
  • 4 Interchangeable gratings
  • Fully computerized
  • Slits optionally motor driven


Focal length, mm 250
Aperture 1:4,4
Diffraction gratings, G/mm 75 up to 2400
Reciprocal linear dispersion, in nm/mm * 3.2
Resolution, in nm * 0.15
Wavelength range, Ám 0,2 - 15
Slits micrometer and optionally motor driven
Slit width, in mm 0 to 2,0
Reading accuracy, in mm 0.001
Slit height, in mm 0 to 18

Available Types

gratings and

* specified with grating with 1200 gr/mm
4 computerized
  • The M250 is a monochromator designed for decomposition of UV-Visible-IR light in the 200 nm to 15Ám spectral region and registration with a CCD-, ICCD-, or other photoelectronic detector
  • Golden optics for high reflectivity in IR region optionally available
  • Motorized five position filter optionally available
  • 2m quartz fibreoptics with slit adaptor is optionally available